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Mineral build-up or discoloration on the metal components (i.e. aerator, escutcheon, drain, shower head, tub spout, etc).

After time, green or white mineral deposits may build up on some components. Build-up is NOT a discoloration of the metal. It is a mineral build-up and chemical reaction caused by calcium, lime and/or other minerals found naturally in water.

Proper cleaning will easily remove this build-up.

A mild soap and water solution should be sufficient, however, a stronger vinegar and water solution (approx. 50/50) or gentle cleaning product (such as "Lime-Away" or "Soft-Scrub") may also be used. In serious cases, it might be necessary to soak the entire component in the vinegar solution for up to 24 hours.

You may need your Instruction Guide to assist in removing components, if necessary. If you do not have your Instruction Guide, you can locate it in the on-line catalog to download the current version.

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